Client Testimonials

Career & Wealth

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“Since the consultation we have stabilised financially from a disastrous year and are now back on track to make a profit in 2003. Tracy takes the mysticism out of Feng Shui and focused on practical interior design.”

Simon King, Custom Accessories Europe

“Before the consultation I was struggling to hold a job. Since then, I very quickily found work and it seems to be permanent! Thank you Tracy! You also dowsed and removed energy pathways that crossed my bed. I now seem to get even more benefit from my sleep and wake even more refreshed”

Mr P, Bristol

“The biggest & most impressive change has been with work, the phone has been ringing constantly & the diary has filled up for the next couple of weeks and heading up to Christmas.  A couple of former customers have been in touch unexpectedly to book us again!”

Mrs G, Winsford

Chinese Bamboo For Wealth

“There has been a terrific improvement in energy and harmony in Nick’s library since you suggested decorating in green – also good fortune in my stock market investments & great improvement in my health. Thanks so much Tracy”

Mrs D, Bath

“I had been applying for numerous jobs for 6 months, without any success. After Tracy’s visit, I was successful in my very next application and got exactly the job I was looking for!”

Mrs J Waugh, Plymouth

“I loved having the consultation done, very inspiring & informative – definitely recommend it!  I feel very at ease & right in my new environment, everything flows even though it’s a small space.  I am gaining repeat business from last year & feel professional and confident in what I do!”

Jennifer Coombs, Clifton Sanctuary, Bristol

“Life has improved in general – we are all happy and healthy.  Business continues to grow and profits steadily increase.  Everyone comments on how welcoming/relaxing our home is!”

Lucy & Gibby Barnfather, Bristol

“Things have been going really well.  I won my legal case, Tom got promoted & we now regularly win the lottery (small amounts) and raffles – this weekend Tom won 2 raffle prizes and the lottery!”

Mrs A, Yatton Keynell

“About a week after putting the money tree in the right place, my partner got offered a job out of the blue for a lot more than he was on!”

Sarah, Marlow

“My house is very calm with a nice atmosphere.  I don’t worry about money coming in or going out now and feel very content in my home.  All areas have improved a lot”

Mrs A, Sherborne, Dorset

Relationships & Family Life

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“I now have a new partner and he’s my soulmate! Thank you, it’s all working out better than I expected. I’m so happy, he’s perfect. My daughter is also sleeping better and is much more settled”

Mrs W, Swindon

“My life has transformed. My wife and I are very happy – we now have a lovely baby boy, born April 2007. My two older children are nearly 18 and 16 and we see more of them than before, so relationships and family life are brilliant”

Mr P, Cheltenham

“Tracy noticed the relationship area of my house was missing, so advised me on how to correct. I was single at the time and soon after I met a wonderful lady and we just clicked. We were married last week, a short while after meeting and are both really happy.”

Mr T, Salisbury, Wiltshire

Feng Shui To Attract Love
Feng Shui For Fertility

“After trying to become pregnant for a long time, amazingly we were successful the month after your visit!”

Helen, Bristol

“Within 2 weeks of your visit I met a wonderful man who has now moved in and we are planning to marry and move house. We would like you to come back to look at our new home. Thank you again”

Helen, Lancashire

“We had been trying for a baby for months without any luck. Tracy advised us to change our creativity area and baby Olivia arrived just over 9 months later”

Mr & Mrs C, Chippenham

Health & Well Being

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“You were amazing! I can’t believe the difference. Other people have noticed that the flat feels different too! My energy still feels much better and the ‘heavy’ feeling has gone. My health has been much improved – no headaches and no unexplained fatigue. Life is good!”

CB, Wimbledon

“Well, you are a miracle worker! I feel great, and I am sleeping through the night. After almost two years of ill health and insomnia, you can imagine how happy I am right now. With hindsight I know how mentally sluggish I was. But that’s all changed, so thank you, thank you, thank you!”

Jane P, Westbury

“The minute you left, my flat and I became best friends!  I used to feel jumpy there, but now it’s my home.  My health has been fantastic and my career has been amazing, with a payrise and three business areas all wanted me to work with them.  It’s been amazing”

Tina, Bristol

Feng Shui Lettering

“I can’t thank you enough for the amazing changes already taking place in our home.  The biggest news so far is this morning, I walked up and back down the stairs the normal way, instead of one leg limping!  Your work is amazing!!”

Mrs H, Warringon

“I can’t explain why, but the house has a lovely feel about it, that was almost immediate and even the kids noticed. I’m sleeping a lot better now and it feels like quality sleep.  I can’t wait to see what happens when everything is in place!”

Mrs G, Winsford

“Our lives have improved substantially since the consultation.  We married, moved to China and the standard of our lives and relationship has greatly improved.  Back then we were drifting, now we’re really enjoying life.”

Mr & Mrs Millard

“Thank you Tracy for a fascinating consultation. You certainly know your stuff and immediately from that day I could feel a difference. Now a few days later things are beginning to shift and the results are blowing my mind.”

Amanda Tooke, Yorkshire

Feng Shui Lettering

“I wanted to let you know what a massive difference the GS clearance has made. We are all much calmer, including the children and dog, work has been going well & financially things got better each month – we even had a holiday, which was wonderful.”

Mrs S, Malmesbury

“A Vega test confirmed we were sleeping on a Geopathic Stress grid which was having a detrimental effect on our health; It was quite a shock, but Tracy removed the lines & further tests confirmed it had gone.  We are both sleeping better & feel we have more energy.  Thank you Tracy for your great work.”

VB, St Albans

“I’m definitely sleeping better and feel very comfortable in my home.  Visitors always comment on how ‘peaceful’ or ‘restful’ it is.”

Phil Owen, Bristol

Selling Your House

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“I hope you’re sitting down … we just had a knock on the door (not via estate agents) wanting to view the house!!!  Have arranged to come back tomorrow, so operation tidy-up now under way!  Thanks SOOOO much” (after achieving no viewings in 6 months)

Mrs R, North Wales

“I am a total believer!! I made the changes you suggested 2 weeks ago.  Since then I’ve had several people interested & accepted an offer for the full asking price today! I had no interest before & have been on the market since May!  Thank you so much for your help & support.”

Celia, Wimbledon

“Before your consultation we had 6 viewings in 6 weeks, the day after your visit we had 2 viewings and have 5 more booked for the next few days, totalling 7 in 10 days!  What a result – we really feel as if we are moving forward – Many thanks”

Mr & Mrs F, Bath

Feng Shui To Sell Your Home

“My mum says thanks as her wish list hidden in the creativity area really worked. She sold her house within a week of putting the list in place and the rest followed as per the list, including the sale price.”

Mrs C, Chippenham, Wilts

“The sale completed this morning with ease, 6 weeks from offer to today!  I am over the moon.  Thank you so much for your input, I really feel you made a huge difference to the energy of the sale and to the speed it went through”

Mrs H, Lancashire

“We sold our house!  You are fantastic!  Thank you – will call you when we move for more Feng Shui”

Mrs B, Bath