Geopathic Stress can be defined as the distortion of the earth’s magnetic field, which may be caused by naturally occurring physical features in the earth, such as underground streams, or due to changes introduced by man, e.g. laying pipes, underground tunnels or digging foundations for new buildings.  Here are ten facts you may not know about Geopathic Stress:

1. Geopathic stress is strongest at night, particularly between 2-3am, when there’s a full moon, or just before a storm (Geopathology).

2. Spending time on Geopathic Stress lines, particularly when sleeping, can cause a weakening of the immune system which can lead to serious illnesses.

3. Children are extremely sensitive to Geopathic Stress and instinctively avoid it if they can.  If sleeping on it, there are a number of possible consequences, they could have repeated nightmares, difficulty sleeping, waking between 2-3am or turn in bed (like a clock).  They could also grind their teeth, develop eczema and/or allergies or have behavioural issues or difficulty concentrating.

4. According to research by Rolf Gordon, in many cases where children have been diagnosed with autism, the mother has been sleeping on a geopathic stress line during pregnancy.  For more information see

5. Adults often wake feeling fuzzy, heavy or with a headache, have difficulty sleeping or develop random body aches and pains.

6. Research has shown that 92% of all cancer patients have been sleeping in geopathically stressed zones (Dr Hans Napier, Cancer Specialist).

7. Ants, spiders and mosquitoes make their way into our homes following geopathic stress lines. Ants will build their nests year after year at the same spot on a geopathic stress line.

8. Cats love to sleep on Geopathic Stress so if your cat’s favourite sleeping spot is on your bed, you need to be sleeping elsewhere!  Bees and wasps love these lines too, however dogs, cows and horses avoid it.

9. Clutter usually builds up on Geopathic Stress lines and cracks can appear inside or outside your home.

10. Most plants will not grow well on a Geopathic Stress line.  However, evergreens like holly, pines and ivy can flourish. Trees can grow in strange angles and develop growths on their trunks if affected.

To find out more about Geopathic Stress and how it can be removed, see my page on Geopathic Stress Removal