On New Year’s Day 2007 I appeared on a Feng Shui edition of Ready Steady Cook, with celebrity chef Gino DiCampo competing against chef James Tanner and, of course, our larger than life host, Ainsley Harriott.

This came about after the show asked consultants to audition, so I did a screen-test as Secretary of the Feng Shui Society, alongside our Chairman, Raymond Catchpole.  Lots of people auditioned, so we were delighted (and a little bit scared) when we were chosen.

It was filmed live and once the cooking started, the cameras didn’t stop!

They asked questions about Feng Shui while we chopped, fried and stirred.  Gino created wonderful dishes with my shopping bag of pork tenderloin, brie, green beans and butternut squash, as did James with Raymond’s shopping bag, but we just pipped them to win by one audience vote!

After the show, we all sat down together to eat all the dishes behind the scenes – they were all delicious.

The show included Gino being his normal mischievous self with my butternut squash, which I struggled to ignore while answering Ainsley’s questions, plus a moment when my dish got dangerously close to catching fire as I called out to Gino .. Chef!  Chef! .. while fanning the smoke from the oven!

One other funny moment happened as soon as the cameras were off – Ainsley quickly pulled down his trousers to pull out the wiring to his microphone (not sure why it was down there?) before he raced offset to see his kids in their school nativity play that afternoon!

Oh, and did I mention I got a massive hug from Gino and a ‘Yah!’ when we met and he learned he was paired up with me! 🙂

It’s a tough job sometimes .. but someone’s gotta do it …!