Space Clearing and Purification

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Space clearing and purification

Why Space Clear?

Space clearing and purification is particularly useful if you are moving to a house where the occupants moved out for negative reasons, i.e. divorce or bankruptcy.  It’s an effective way to reduce the risk of the energy left behind affecting you in a similar way.

It can also be used for clearing energies from past traumatic or unhappy events in a home, which may have occurred years before, as the unsettled energy can linger and impact current inhabitants.  (This does not include somebody passing away of natural causes, which although upsetting, is a ‘normal’ occurrence in life).

Space Clearing and purification can also help if you are feeling stuck in life or are struggling to make a decision.

The Chinese like to Space Clear every Chinese New Year, putting their house in order ready for the new year to come in.

So what is it?

Although most people have heard of clutter clearing, space clearing and purification is very different.  It looks at the energy in the home instead of objects and belongings.

It can be defined as the art of cleansing, purifying and consecrating the energy in a home.

Energy can get stuck, especially in corners where it naturally slows and even in fabrics and soft furnishings.

Think about the atmosphere in a room after an argument.  If somebody walks in, they can actually sense it – it’s said you can almost cut it with a knife.  This causes ripples of energy which settle and become absorbed.  The same is true of other unhappy occurrences and layers of this energy build up over the years.

Six Main Steps to Space Clearing and Purification

  1. First, prepare the building.  Clean and vacuum throughout, clear any food away, disconnect smoke alarms and phones, open a window or door.
  2. Next, prepare yourself.  Smudge your tools and yourself.  Remove jewellery, metal belts, shoes and socks.  Wash your hands and roll up your sleeves.  Be clear in your intentions – what you’d like to bring into your life by performing this ceremony.  Apply protection around yourself and ask for help from guides and angels.  Finally, sensitise your hands by rubbing them together.
  3. Set up a table near the front door with a cloth and clearing equipment – a lit candle, sage, incense, a bowl of sea salt, harmony balls.  You will also need either a Tibetan bell, singing bowl or cymbals for the purification.  Prepare a flower offering for the centre of each room or floor if a large house.
Burning sage space clear

4. Cleanse by walking around the house in a clockwise direction, clapping the air in each room to disperse the energy, particularly in corners.  Then do the same again, but this time burning sage.

5. Purification – walk around the house again, ringing the bell to purify the space.  If you want to, go around again with the softer sounding cymbals.  When back at the door, do a figure of 8 as the sign for infinity.

6. Finally, fill the space with intention, light and love using harmony balls.  I ask my client to join me for this part, so together we disperse their wishes and hopes for the future throughout their home and life.

Things to note

It’s important that you don’t space clear if tired, ill, pregnant or menstruating.  Make sure you feel centred and have no fear of what you are doing.

Although anybody can carry out these six main steps, to ensure the space clear and purification is a success and your energy is not compromised in doing this, I do recommend you find out more about this process before doing it yourself.

A great book to read on this is ‘Creating Sacred Space with Feng Shui’, by Karen Kingston, or I offer Space Clearing as an optional extra to any of my services, or a standalone service.

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