Feng Shui To Sell Your House

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Feng-Shui To Sell Your House

Sometimes a house is on the market for months and months without selling, and it’s not always easy to see why.

In the meantime, you’re in limbo, unable to move forward in life.

You may have already found your perfect home and are scared you’re going to lose it.

Or you’re desperate to move for a new job, to retire to the country perhaps, or to get your children into a well-performing school and the clock is ticking.

These are just some of the reasons I’ve helped my clients sell their homes by using Feng Shui.  See the bottom of my Testimonials page for their comments.

You can use Feng Shui to Sell your Home by:

  • Increasing viewings
  • Clearing stuck energy in your home which could be preventing the sale
  • Bringing in water to the Journey area which is really powerful way to move blocks to sale
  • Creating the sale in the timescale you are looking for, for the price you would like.
  • Improving relationships with estate agents, solicitors and people you need to help the sale move forward.

So how does it work?

It’s a matter of looking at the key areas associated with selling your home and introducing some small cures, like a hanging quartz crystal to boost the the visibility of your home to potential buyers, placing plants in key areas and also the fire and water elements.

Clutter can also stop you moving forwarding in life and sometimes you won’t even be aware that it’s there and causing a problem.

Your loft is important too.

I always clear any Geopathic Stress which may be affecting the house and believe it or not, the phone has often starting ringing with requests for viewings at the moment it clears!

So perhaps it’s time to try something different .. and you could soon be moving into your lovely new home.

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