People love to make fun of Feng Shui … do you remember this classic advert from 2005?


But make fun all they like, as soon as I start telling people how much they can improve their lives by making a few simple changes at home, they prick up their ears…

  • ‘what, just by bringing plants into my house, I can increase my wealth?’  ‘Absolutely’ I reply.

  • ‘You mean I could attract my perfect partner, just by changing my artwork?’  ‘You sure could’ is my response.

  • ‘Don’t be daft, there’s no way you could help me get pregnant by making small changes to my home!’  ‘Actually, I’ve had lots of success with this’ I reply.

You know when you’re looking for a house, sometimes when you view a property, you instantly know it’s the one for you … other times, you instantly know it’s not.  Feng Shui isn’t visible, it’s a feeling you get when you know something is right.

The recommendations I make always use everyday items .. simple things like plants, candles and crystals so, unlike in this advert, nobody would guess you’d had a Feng Shui consultation by how it looked afterwards.  However, my clients tell me that visitors often remark how it feels different somehow, more relaxed and comfortable, but they can’t put their finger on why.

I’d say the biggest benefit to having a consultation is that life just gets easier .. it’s not a magic wand, you won’t become rich and famous overnight, but opportunities will arise, people will appear to support you, and your relationships with loved ones, family, friends and most importantly yourself, will become healthier.

I’ve seen it’s benefits for the hundreds of clients I’ve worked with, who were open enough to give it a go.

Thousands of people all over the world use it, from big corporates like BUPA, British Airways and HSBC to celebrities like Madonna and Michael Douglas; but you don’t need to be rich or famous to benefit – every-day people living in any type or size of home can improve their lives too.

So my question to those non-believers is ..

What have you got to lose by giving it a go?