Feng Shui For Relationships

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All relationships have their ups and downs and we all know it’s not always hearts and flowers.

However, you can use Feng Shui for Relationships in two main areas:

  • If you are struggling to attract the ‘right’ partner

  • If you are unhappy in a current relationship, perhaps arguing a lot or becoming distant from each other, and you want to bring things back into harmony.

There is an area of your home which relates specifically to your relationship with a love partner.  We can use Feng Shui here to bring back balance & harmony, put a spark into an existing relationship or attract a new relationship to you.

Feng Shui For Relationships

It’s a matter of looking at the elements and ensuring we have the correct mix of earth and fire with colours and the actual element, reducing tree, water and metal elements if necessary.  Artwork is also important here so we need to check the symbolism of any pictures or ornaments and change this if need be.

In my experience, feeling good about yourself is often the key to attracting the right relationship to you and to living in harmony with a loved one.  The area associated with this, the Quiet Contemplation area, is therefore often the key.

Clearing Geopathic Stress can also have a big positive impact on relationships.

The good thing is, my full feng shui consultation not only focuses on your love life, it will also address other priorities (e.g. health, wealth, career etc.) which you identify during the pre-consultation process.

TLC Feng Shui Swoosh

A full Feng Shui consultation of your home considers:

  • The flow of chi energy in and around your home, with a check on possible ‘clutter’ which may be preventing you from moving forward.
  • Symbolic imagery, including artwork and ornaments
  • Positioning of key items of furniture, such as beds or desks
  • Use of colour, lighting and decor
  • Assessment of astrological influences on sleeping directions, current priorities and timing of key events (Chinese Kua numbers, Nine Star Ki and Flying Stars)
  • The surrounding landscape
  • Presence of electromagnetic fields (EMF) and environmental microwave radiation in and around your home, for example from mobile phones, masts, wifi & other items.
  • Detection and removal of Geopathic Stress with earth acupuncture

Optional Extras

  • Space clearing of energy residue from previous occupants or unhappy events
  • Advice on garden design.

After my visit you will receive a comprehensive typed report within 10 working days and I stay in touch with you each year, just to check how things are going.

Client Testimonial

“Tracy noticed the relationship area of my house was missing, so advised me on how I could correct this. I was single at the time and soon after I met a wonderful lady and we just clicked. We were married last week, a short while after meeting and are both really happy.”

Mr T, Salisbury, Wiltshire

Consultation Prices

Bungalow / Flat 2 Bedrooms 3 Bedrooms 4 Bedrooms +
Please enquire £379 £399 Please enquire

Please note:

  • £100 deposit is taken on confirmation of booking
  • The remaining balance is due on the day, either in cash or by cheque.  I now also offer payment by credit or debit card on the day, so you can spread the cost of your repayments if you prefer.
  • The above pricing is based on a location within a 30 mile radius of CH46. Further travel expenses will apply for properties outside of this area.
  • No VAT will be charged.