Feng Shui For Business

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In your workplace, you can use Feng Shui in exactly the same way as you can in the home, but we just apply to to business objectives, instead of personal.

Many large and very successful companies do this, including Virgin, HSBC, Orange, British Airways, BUPA and Marks and Spencer.

Your business doesn’t need to be big to benefit though; you can use Feng Shui for smaller spaces, like home offices, shops, salons or studios – any space where people work.

The benefits include:

  • Increasing sales

  • Increasing profits

Feng Shui For Business
  • Improving relationships with staff, keeping them happy, healthy and therefore reducing turnover and sickness

  • Improving relationships with customers, so they stick with you and recommend you to others

  • Gaining support from partners and investors

  • Clarify the company’s focus and direction

  • Keeping competitive and motivated

  • Finding new ways to bring what you offer to market

  • Achieving personal work/life balance

A Feng Shui for Business consultation of your workplace would consider:

  • Flow of energy throughout the workplace and whether this may be blocked
  • Different qualities of energy in different areas of the building
  • Position of key items, such as desks, the till, equipment and other fixtures and fittings
  • Best working position
  • The earth’s natural energy field and its effects on staff health and other issues (Geopathic Stress)
  • Surrounding landscape
  • Symbolic imagery in the building, including artwork and ornaments
  • Colour and decor
  • Lighting quality, intensity and direction
  • Electromagnetic frequencies and their effect on staff health.
  • Current phase of the company’s cycle and timing of key events

Client Testimonial

“Since the consultation we have stabilised financially from a disastrous year and are now back on track to make a profit in 2003. Tracy takes the mysticism out of Feng Shui and focused on practical interior design.”

Simon King, Custom Accessories Europe

Business Consultation Pricing

A day’s consultation can cost between £300 – £500, depending on the size of the business premises and the options included.

If you run your business from a home-office and there are no business premises as such, I can Feng Shui your business on the same day as your home, at a much reduced cost as I only need to visit once.  This is a really powerful way to make a difference to both your personal and business priorities to achieve overall balance and success..

Please note:

  • £100 deposit is payable on booking
  • The remaining balance is due on the day, either in cash or by cheque.  I now also offer payment by credit or debit card on the day, so you can spread the cost of your repayments if you prefer.
  • Standard pricing is based on a location within a 30 mile radius of CH46. Further travel expenses will apply for business properties outside of this area.
  • No VAT will be charged.