Feng Shui Bagua and Element Cycle

TLC Feng Shui Swoosh

Feng Shui works on the principle that ‘Your home is a mirror of your life’ so by making some simple changes at home, you can improve different areas of your life.

To do this, you will need the Feng Shui Bagua and Element Cycle.  Lay the Feng Shui Bagua over your floor plans (like a template), so you can see where each area of your life is in relation to your home.  You then use the Feng Shui Element Cycle to know ‘how’ to make the changes.

“We shape our buildings … thereafter they shape us” ~ Winston Churchill

This bagua is placed according to a compass reading of your home, and stretches according to its shape – see below

You then use the element cycle below to work out ‘how’ to make a change.

  • Improve health – Earth and fire elements

  • Increase wealth – Tree and water elements

  • Improve your love-life – Earth and Fire elements

  • Career progression – Water and Metal elements

  • Better friendships – Metal and Earth elements

  • Relationships with children/fertility – Metal and Earth elements

  • Spirituality/relationship with yourself – Earth and fire elements

  • Increased respect and recognition – Fire and Tree elements

  • Relationships with positions of authority, the past or elderly relatives – Tree and water elements

hand holding pebbles

To have the biggest impact, it’s important to increase both elements associated with the area you wish to improve, as well as reducing the other three elements.

For example, Tree energy is associated with living plants, the colour green and the shape of an upward rectangle.  A tree will die without water, so Water energy is needed here too. That’s actual water, the colours blue and black or the shape of a wavy pattern as shown

As well as bringing in Tree and Water, we also need to reduce the three controlling elements – Metal will cut tree (i.e. an axe), Earth will absorb Water which we need to feed Tree and Fire needs Tree to burn, so Tree is drained by Fire and should be reduced.

The same principles apply to the other elements, increase the two beneficial elements and reduce the three which control.

The most powerful enhancement is to bring in the actual element, rather than the colours or shapes of it, so actual fire, earth, metal, water or plants.

TLC Feng Shui Swoosh