Did you know you can use Feng Shui and Water Features to boost your Career and help you move forward in life?

This was my birthday present this year and I chose where to put it very carefully because, in the wrong place, water can actually be negative to your love-life, health and the way you feel about yourself, as well as putting a damper on respect and recognition in life.

Water is most usefully placed in either the North, to improve career, the South East, to improve Wealth or in the East to improve relationships with positions of authority or older relatives.

This type of water feature, however, which includes the metal element in both material and shape, is absolutely ideal for the North, where metal energizes water (see Element Cycle section under the ‘About’ menu for more information).

So if you are feeling stuck in your Career, or in life in general, a water feature like this can be really powerful in helping you move forward.

I do appreciate that we’re not all lucky enough to have a garden to put this in, and even if we have a garden, the north may be completely unsuitable.

So I always recommend my clients use an indoor version of this instead, which will be cheaper and can be even more powerful, because you can easily use it all year round.  The time we spend in our gardens in this country is very much linked to good weather.

Key points to note:

  • You don’t have to switch it on all the time, I tend to use it whenever I might be feeling stuck in life for any reason.  I pop it on when I get home from work, leave it running for a few hours, before switching it off before going to bed.  The impact is amazing.
  • Make sure you top it up regularly .. you’ll get a clue when it needs more water because the motor will start making more noise

As well as the obvious Feng Shui benefit of this, there’s something really lovely about hearing the gentle bubbling of water in your home.  It can be really relaxing.

To make a change without the need to buy a water feature, a fish tank or bubble tube here will be positive (moving water).  Or find a circular bowl, preferably in either black, blue, grey, silver, or white, or made of metal, pop some water in it and place in your Journey area in the North of your home.

Remember to refresh it often, daily if possible, as stagnant water is not positive.  If you have pets, how about putting their drinking water bowl here – hey presto, water which you refresh often!  (Obviously it depends on whether it’s appropriate to place this in the North sector of your home.)

Do get in touch if you are unsure about where to place water inside or outside of your home – remember, it will only be positive if it’s in the right place.