You will see from my page Bagua & element cycle, that Feng Shui and plants, when placed correctly, play a crucial role in increasing wealth and good fortune in life, as well as having a positive impact on relationships with elders, positions of authority and in gaining respect and recognition in life.  They also help the chi in your home flow more smoothly, soften hard corners and energize the space.

However, did you know that plants, our green protectors, can also make your home or workplace a healthier place and can even prevent you catching a cold!  For example:

  • A peace lily will absorb computer-generated chemicals and odours put out by carpets, furniture and even your colleagues or house mates!
  • One spider plant can detoxify a 100 cubic foot room in just six hours!  So a couple of mature plants could do wonders in your office or living room.

NASA has undertaken years of research into the effect of indoor plants.  Their conclusion is that ‘indoor plants are clean air machines!’  A special name has even been given to the study.  ‘Phytoremediation’ is the use of green plants to remove pollutants from the environment or to render them harmless.

So how do plants make indoor air healthier?

The photosynthetic process of plants requires a continuous exchange of gaseous substances between the plant’s leaves and the surrounding air.  Plants normally give off water vapours and oxygen and take in carbon dioxide.  They also take in other gaseous substances through the tiny openings on their leaves – substances that are toxic to humans.  Generally, the larger the leaf surface area of the plant, the more effective it is at removing air pollutants.

Plants also slightly raise the ambient humidity in our homes and workspaces, which is particularly beneficial during the winter, when indoor humidity drops well below the ideal range, normally due to central heating.  The air becomes drier and we therefore become more susceptible to airborne viruses and germs.

However, that’s not all …

Amazingly, plants are not only good for our health; they are also good for our minds!

American doctors have undertaken studies which prove that plants placed in an office encourage workers to be more productive, less stressed (blood pressure is reduced) and more attentive!  Apparently creativity goes up and absenteeism and stress levels go down.

This research has been furthered by a Swedish study that concluded that office staff who look out on areas with vegetation suffer less stress, so if you can, sit yourself near a window looking out over greenery.

Don’t worry if you don’t have a window near your desk or workspace and a plant won’t live healthily nearby.  Artwork showing trees and nature can also play a positive role in lowering stress.

So as well as the benefits of Feng Shui and plants, bring more into your space for the many health benefits too.

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