About Tracy Longdon, Feng Shui Expert

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Feng Shui is my passion.

In 1997 I received a book on Feng Shui for Christmas.

That book changed my life.

Fascinated, I bought another, but the advice was not the same as there are different approaches.  That’s when I decided to train with Robert Gray at the Feng Shui Academy, becoming a graduate consultant in 1999.

In 2002 I achieved national accreditation with the Feng Shui Society of London and soon after became their Secretary for 3 years, where I met many of the authors of the books that sparked my interest.

This accreditation is extremely important as members are governed by a strict Code of Practice and Ethics which ensures the highest standards of Feng Shui practice and client care. All consultants must also demonstrate annually that they hold full insurance to practise.

I started my Feng Shui business in 2003 and have purposely used my initials, TLC, for this.  That’s because I want my clients to enjoy, understand and feel empowered by the experience – that they’ve received ‘TLC’.  I stay in touch each year too, as your Feng Shui expert, which is how I find out this is true and receive my amazing testimonials below, with more on my Testimonials page.

Since 2003 I have worked with hundreds of clients, with one thing in common; they all wanted to improve something about their lives 

Feng Shui Expert - Tracy Longdon

This wealth of experience has shown me what works, and importantly what doesn’t, and that it doesn’t need to be complicated.  I take a common sense approach and work with my clients to find the best options for them personally.

Seventeen years on and I’m now married and living on the Wirral.

I don’t travel as extensively now, focusing mainly on the North West region (Merseyside, Cheshire, Lancashire, Manchester, Flintshire, North Wales and Yorkshire), but by special arrangement do work with clients in Central and South West England, to tie in with visits to family and friends.

If you’re too far away for me to visit, I can also work remotely from your plans for some priorities, i.e. to clear Geopathic Stress.

I feel incredibly fortunate that Feng Shui has led me all over the country, onto live TV & radio. In the process I’ve met some amazing people, people I stay in touch with each year, because life never stays still.

How Does A Consultation Work?

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  • I will need a to-scale floor plan of each floor of your home or business in advance of my visit.  If you don’t have this, we can often find on Rightmove, from past changes of ownership. Otherwise, you will need to draw these and I will give you full guidelines on how do do this.
  • I also ask you to complete two questionnaires.  One to mark your life out of 10 in each different area, i.e. wealth, love-life, career, etc.  This then helps you pick your top three priorities for the day on the second questionnaire (although I do cover all areas).
  • I am normally with you for between 3-5 hours, depending on the size of your home or business.
  • You will receive a fully comprehensive report within 10 working days
  • I also stay in touch each year, to give ongoing advice and find out how things are going.
  • Remember, it is best to carry out the recommendations a few at a time, so you can wait to see the effects of each.
  • If you don’t follow the advice, you can’t expect the benefits. Time has a part of play, so don’t expect instant results.


TLC Feng Shui Swoosh

“Tracy is an incredibly warm & caring woman & it felt like spending the day with a really good friend.  She showed me the changes I needed to make & things have gone from strength to strength, specifically my career & relationship.  She has also been wonderful at staying in touch & continuing to advise.  I will use Tracy’s services for every home I live in future.  She is an amazing woman who I’m not convinced isn’t a tiny bit magic”

Biba Tanya Lynchehaun, Clitheroe, Lancs

“I just wanted to let you know how amazing it has been since your visit.  I feel very peaceful and happy and the flat feels lovely.  My business relationship has become very calm and pleasant & I feel like lots of things are changing for the better.  Thank you very very much.”

Mr F, Bath

“I loved having the consultation done, very inspiring and informative.  Definitely recommend it!  I feel very at ease and right in my new environment, everything flows even though it is a small space.  I am gaining repeat business from last year & feel confident and professional in what I do”

Jennifer Coombs, Clifton Sanctuary, Bristol

“The day was absolutely great – I would recommend it wholeheartedly – I love your Feng Shui and am continually working towards implementing the changes slowly.  Thanks a lot”

Miss Fiona Lennon, Bournemouth

“The day was informative and enjoyable – most importantly Tracy was infectious and engaging – we think you did an excellent job and highly recommend you to others.”

Mrs Sue Barley, Bristol

“Tracy is extremely helpful and made us feel very comfortable.  I would highly recomend it to anyone.”

Mrs Kimberley Rennie, Compton

“Thank you Tracy.  I feel things will continue to improve.  I thoroughly enjoyed the consultation – you are a lovely person to work with and you certainly know your stuff!”

Mrs Dawn Henderson, Chippenham

“Tracy is very professional, helpful and kind.  She explains everything in understandable terms.  I’ve found improvements in all the areas worked on.”

Mrs R, Chippenham