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Tracy Longdon

I studied Feng Shui for two years before qualifying as a Graduate of the Feng Shui Academy in 1999.

In 2002 I achieved National Accreditation with the Feng Shui Society of London and in August 2003 I joined their Executive Committee, where I was Secretary from September 2004 to October 2007.

You may have heard me on BBC Radio Wiltshire where I have regular live phone-ins giving Feng Shui hints and tips on the "Sandy Martin Breakfast Show".  I've also featured on the BBC's World Service Culture Shock show where I did a live consultation on air and on New Year's Day 2007 I appeared on a Feng Shui edition of Ready Steady Cook on BBC2, which I enjoyed immensely.

You may have also heard me on Heart FM during April and May 2010.  I was filmed doing a Feng Shui consultation for their breakfast show presenter.  If you would like to see the video, click the link below.  I'll let you know the results soon.

Greenie Does Feng Shui!

Greenie does Feng Shui!

May 2010 and here's an update. Most of the Feng Shui advice happened off camera, but you can see what a difference the first step of clearing your clutter can make.

Greenie's Feng Shui Adventure 2

YouTube - Greenie's Feng Shui Adventure 2

I offer a friendly, flexible, common-sense approach to bring balance back into your life and help you achieve success and happiness. 

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