Feng Shui in Central London

Tracy Longdon, Feng Shui consultant covering Central London, can help improve health and vitality, bring love into your life, increase your wealth, improve sleep quality, give direction in life, help you achieve inner peace and to excel at work.

She also gives advice on selling houses or buying new homes and has had good success with helping women get pregnant!

For businesses, Feng Shui can help increase profitability and productivity, reduce staff turnover and sickness, raise staff morale, improve sales, business performance and customer relationships.

The Feng Shui methods used by Tracy will be tailored to your needs from the following list:

  • Analysis of the flow of energy around the home or business
  • Use made of colour, lighting and décor
  • Positioning of key items of furniture such as beds, the cooker, desks, etc.
  • Detection and removal of Geopathic Stress (distortion of the earth's natural energy field) - see Are you Sleeping in a Safe Place?
  • Nine Star Ki for best timings for important events
  • Chinese Kua numbers for best directions at work and while sleeping
  • Electromagnetic frequency (EMF) risk analysis to minimise health risks when sleeping or at work
  • Space clearing to clear energy residue from previous occupants or past unhappy events.

Here's some recent testimonials from past clients:

"Tracy noticed the relationship area of my house was missing, so advised me on how I could correct this. I was single at the time and soon after I met a wonderful lady and we just clicked. We were married last week, a short while after meeting and are both really happy." Mr T from Salisbury, Wiltshire.

"You were amazing!  I can't believe the difference.  Other people have noticed that the flat feels different too!  My energy still feels much better and the 'heavy' feeling has gone.  My health has been much improved - no headaches and no unexplained fatigue.  Life is good!"  CB, Wimbledon

For more testimonials, see Testimonials and the end of the Feng Shui for homes and Feng Shui for business sections.


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